Artist Review: Faux Fiction

Faux Fiction

Released 2014

Available online June 23rd


Are you the type of person that just knows about good music before the rest of the world? When a band makes it big, do you say “I knew them from their beginning?” If yes, then you probably know about Faux Fiction.


They describe themselves as “90’s alternative inspired,” and I would have to agree. They offer a wide array of music that caters mainly to Indie Alternative listeners. Gabby’s lyrics and song titles are lined with pain and suffering; songs such as “Bleach & Razorblades” or “Deadweight.”

When I listen to their single “Deadweight, ” I think of the Smashing Pumpkins. It’s not Gabby’s voice, but rather the way the music is crafted with themes of despair and wandering. Fun fact, Smashing Pumpkins like Faux Fiction lived and recorded their album in Madison, WI. Is there something in the water in Wisconsin?

Milwaukee is an often overlooked hotbed for music.. Don’t overlook Faux Fiction. Their next show is:

Check out their Facebook Page:

Also buy their music on BandCamp:




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